Gestión Comercial Estratégica

Top Performers

We identify great performance techniques within a company and systematize them, turning them into an ad-hoc handbook for the business and put into operation by managers who receive specialized training in conjunction with a coaching plan.

Geo- Marketing

A collection of transactional data recorded in visual platforms that enable a number of strategic geospatial analyses to expand market penetration and coverage, sales by location, and considerably boost the effectiveness of targeted initiatives.

Retail Intelligence

The guaranteed approach to consistently improve retail sales outcomes. Based on the three primary KPIs for the retail equation—traffic, conversion rate, and average ticket—. Comparing and determining the best performance of retail chains by branch, region, and country is made possible by the real-time measurement of this data (Big Data) and its conversion into information using the business intelligence technique.

Desarrollo del canal de distribución

Ensure a steady expansion of the various channels by implementing loyalty tactics that include training targeted at enhancing product technical expertise, specialist sales approaches, collaborative marketing initiatives, etc.

Design Thinking

By leveraging tools for deep market insight, such empathy maps, Design Thinking seeks for the innovation of value (quality/price) through design, and allows the consumer to be involved in the design and innovation process.

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